The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Careerist

The Careerist Career Profile

Careerists ultimately want to be managers and leaders of groups of individuals in a business environment. They have no problem starting from the bottom and learning what each rung on the ladder is like. In fact, many Careerists consider this process imperative to being a well-rounded leader later on in their careers. Careerists tend to be ambitious, but are also team-oriented, so they often bring others up along with them (riding their coattails so to speak). Careerists are also adaptable, meaning they are not set on any one way of achieving success and will instead do whatever they need to in order to adjust to a given situation.

What You’re Looking for in an Employer

Careerists are self-motivated and entrepreneurial individuals who believe in meritocracy. They want to be in a work environment in which they will be recognized for their hard work and rewarded accordingly. Careerists are able to step out of the day-to-day and look at the big picture, both in their own careers as well as in the long-term direction of the company they ultimately choose to work for. A careerist will tend to be happiest in situations where they have an opportunity for rapid advancement and opportunities to lead and be challenged in new ways. They also look for companies that provide robust training and development opportunities for their employees.

What You Aspire to and How You Characterize Yourself

Careerists are the types of people that want to climb a career ladder, corporate or otherwise. Although careerists are less common than they were during the “golden watch” era of the mid-20th century, they are still fairly common, particularly in sectors of the economy that rewards long-term dedication. Careerists want to be leaders and are willing to work hard and climb the ranks to earn the privilege of doing so. They often join groups and organizations young in life, such as during high school and college, and will often find themselves in a leadership role in those organizations before too long. In addition, education is important to Careerists, as they understand and appreciate the importance of knowledge and experience when climbing whatever career ladder they ultimately choose to climb.