The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Career Profile

Entrepreneurs are primarily focused on challenging and innovative work. When searching for job opportunities, entrepreneurs should look for fast-growing companies that share their entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs tend to be solution-focused, which means they are most effective when there is an active problem to solve. They tend toward leadership roles and are focused on team dynamics. Entrepreneurs can bore quickly if they feel stagnant, which means they are always looking to lead their team to new challenges.

What You Are Looking for in an Employer

Entrepreneurs are leaders and innovators and are typically driven by passion coupled with a desire to be challenged every day. When looking for an employer, entrepreneurs want to work for innovative companies that have clear paths for advancement and personal growth, a creative and dynamic work environment, and highly-regarded employer branding. Students interested in entrepreneurship should determine what industry they want to work in and apply to companies that lead in that field. Since Entrepreneurs want to be a part of a growing company, it is important for them to find an industry in which both the industry as well as the companies within the industry are growing at a rapid pace. Innovation is the key ingredient for many Entrepreneurs, as they understand better than most the importance of innovation when growing a company at an exponential rate.

What You Aspire to and How You Characterize Yourself

Entrepreneurs ultimately want to own their own companies. Therefore, their long-term career goals tend to involve starting their own business or at least being on (or close to) the ground floor of a startup company. Entrepreneurs have a desire to change industries or create entirely new ones. Industry disruption is typical for the most successful entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are drawn to hotbeds of innovation, such as Silicon Valley. With the advancement of the Internet, it is possible for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to experiment with micro-businesses that can grow over time. Regardless of the specific industry entrepreneurs ultimately choose, they will be happiest and most fulfilled in situations that demand creativity, quick thinking, and innovation.