The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Harmonizer

Harmonizer Career Profile

Harmonizers are responsible and loyal individuals who are happy to take on responsibilities for the good of the team. Their friendliness and comfort around others make them natural leaders, and their desire for harmony makes them excellent in team-oriented settings. As students, harmonizers can often be found traveling abroad, either during the summer or winter vacations or as part of a study abroad program. They are also very successful when taking internships, as they find it easy to get along with whoever they are working for.

What You Are Looking for in an Employer

Harmonizers are individuals who tend to prefer situations in which everyone gets along. They like to stay away from conflict and, as a result, usually avoid careers that involve an “in your face” attitude. This means harmonizers will usually not be found in sales or politics. Harmonizers want to be a part of a friendly work environment where there is a culture of mutual respect among both co-workers and the bosses. Harmonizers also prefer jobs that offer job security, as secure employment is one of their highest priorities. One example of a career type that harmonizers prefer is jobs in which tenure can be earned, such as education and the public sector. They can also be found in HR departments. Harmonizers particularly value their friends and family and look for jobs that offer work/life balance.

What You Aspire to and How You Characterize Yourself

Harmonizers aspire to be comfortable and stable in their careers and tend to prefer professions where they can contribute to a greater good. However, that greater good can vary from individual to individual. Harmonizers are problem solvers and enjoy proposing solutions and working with a team to accomplish shared goals. Working towards shared goals is best achieved in a work environment that is friendly and encourages respect among co-workers, which partly explains the harmonizers’ desire for those qualities in the companies they work for. Harmonizers can get along with many different types of people, an attribute many of them develop while traveling to other parts of the world. Everyone wants to have a harmonizer on their teams, as they tend to improve the cohesiveness of the group as a whole.