The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Hunter

The Hunter Career Profile

A business adage states, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” This may be because many salespeople have hunter personality types. A hunter is someone who enjoys seeking business development opportunities for a company, which makes such a person critical to an organization. Hunters can boost a company’s employer branding.

The Hunter at Work A hunter is eager to search for new business for a company and expects a competitive base salary as well as advancement and high future earnings. A hunter is wired to be solution-focused, which enables him or her to provide answers for customer problems, another important facet for salespeople. Hunter personalities experience a continuous personal renewal. They are able to show growth and project how their skill sets will most benefit an organization. This adaptive quality is a highly valued trait in dynamic organizations. Hunters also tend to be team-oriented with an eye on the greater good of the organization. In circumstances where others may be reticent or unable to adapt to changing circumstances, hunters use their powerful persuasive abilities to sway perceptions and opinions. And as might be expected with a hunter temperament, these people are very likely to have had an internship or summer job abroad when they were students, or even a part-time job directly related to their career.

The Hunter Personality

By his or her very nature, a hunter is not one to stand back and wait for a decision or to seek group or HR approval before acting. Hunters think big, are assertive, and love to win, making them dynamic employees of businesses and organizations they are a part of. Hunters do like to be recognized for their efforts, and generous compensation with room for advancement is often very appealing to them. Hunters are not loners. In fact, they are very sociable and thrive on interpersonal communications. They can become great people managers and leaders. Partly because of the assertive characteristics that drive hunters, they are persuasive in their interactions with others. This quality gives hunters a strong sense of purpose for not only their individual work, but in team activities, too.