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The Idealist

The Idealist Career Profile

Ah, an Idealist. The very word summons visions of Don Quixote tilting at windmills, Joan of Arc fighting for religious beliefs and even America’s Founding Fathers summoning the courage to declare independence. They all had dreams that involved working for the greater good and toward a higher state of being. But before you categorize an idealist as a romantic introvert with no regard for real-world practicality, think again.

The Idealist at Work

An idealist wants to work in an organization that values and respects its employees and takes an ethical stand on issues of corporate responsibility. As might be expected, an idealist values environmental sustainability and wants to align with companies that share the same values. Although idealists are dedicated to causes for the greater good, they are not merely dreamers and can offer viable solutions that often include creative experimentation. Idealists are fully capable of envisioning a higher state while implementing and leading teams in task-focused efforts. They also possess leadership capabilities that challenge the status quo but are capable of being flexible in order to modify plans into workable solutions. Idealists are known for extending boundaries prior to committing to their chosen careers, often taking internships and summer jobs abroad, and even working at part-time jobs outside their areas of study.

The Reality of the Idealist Persona

Idealists value integrity above anything and take their obligations to their colleagues and their companies very seriously. This is not to say that idealists are dour taskmasters because they’re not. Idealists can rise above the everyday obstacles in favor of a better end state while encouraging everyone around them. They are more inclined to seek out other like-minded people, and you probably won’t see them gathered around the water cooler in trivial small talk or with their heads down in endless social media activity. Idealists can be very demanding – especially of themselves – and can often make unrealistic demands on others who don’t share their visions, but you can rest assured that any initiative under the stewardship of an idealist will be visionary and impeccably executed.