The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Internationalist

Internationalist Career Profile

Internationalists tend to be “big-picture” individuals who focus primarily on the future instead of day-to-day or historical situations. They usually (but not always) know relatively early on in their lives that they want to have a career that is international in scope and will usually be interested in some aspect of international relations, including, but not limited to, international politics, international business and international nonprofit organizations. Companies that are global in scope, or at the very least companies that have offices and/or operations in multiple parts of the world, will be most appealing to Internationalists.

What You Are Looking for in an Employer

The mind of an Internationalist focuses on the world at large. Internationalists examine the way both local and global factors interact with and influence one another. The Internationalist does not necessarily have a preference toward a public sector, nonprofit or private sector career. What is most important that the career, no matter what sector, involve issues or industries on an international scale. Internationalists typically look for jobs that offer the opportunity to travel or relocate abroad, and they tend to enjoy jobs where their responsibilities involve interacting with international clients and colleagues.

What You Aspire to and How You Characterize Yourself

Internationalists aspire to be cultured and cosmopolitan and have a robust knowledge of other parts of the world. Often they will study abroad during their college education or might even earn an entire degree in a foreign country. Due in part to the demanding and ever-changing nature of international work, Internationalists tend to be flexible and able to adapt to changing situations quickly. They also tend to be natural-born leaders and can persuade others with relative ease. Internationalists tend to be effective salespeople and marketers. While this does not necessarily mean that Internationalists are looking for a position in which their role is explicitly “sales” or “marketing”, their ability to display genuine knowledge and enthusiasm as well as their ability to transfer both that knowledge and enthusiasm to clients makes them incredibly effective in almost any business culture they find themselves in throughout their often-exciting career.