The Most Attractive Employers in the U.S.

The Leader

The Leader Career Profile

Leaders want to lead others and want to inspire those they are in charge of to perform at their best. Leaders are able to see the big picture in any situation, which helps them inspire both their teams and themselves. Leaders are almost never “lone wolf” types, instead preferring the numerous benefits of working with others in a team environment. Unlike other personality types, Leaders aren’t afraid of being responsible for situations. They see responsibility as something to be desired and sought after, and because they understand that, with responsibility, their success or failure is ultimately in their own hands. Leaders are also quite introspective; they can look inward and assess themselves honestly and, when necessary, harshly. Before starting their careers, leaders are often involved in student organizations and are often responsible for the growth or founding or organizations at their schools.

What You Are Looking for in an Employer

Leaders are individuals who want to be responsible for the success of both themselves and others. They tend to gravitate towards job opportunities in which they will immediately or eventually serve in managing or leadership roles. Most leaders understand that they will typically not be able to start their careers in a leadership role, so they look for employers who will support their leadership development. This can mean different things to different people, but it often includes a supportive boss who exemplifies the attributes that the leader wishes to develop. Leaders also look for job opportunities where they are given significant responsibility for important projects or departments.

What You Aspire to and How You Characterize Yourself

Leaders see themselves both as team members and as one of the key components of their teams. They are often part of student organizations, sports teams or event-planning organizations. They ultimately aspire to be leaders in their careers; however, these careers can range from nonprofit organizations to Corporate America to politics. They see themselves as persuasive game-changers who can inspire and lead others to greater heights than they would be able to reach on their own. Politicians, CEOs and successful managers at every level tend to be leaders.