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Dell EMC - Meet Kristina

Kristina Walker, Software Engineer 2

As a college sophomore, Kristina first heard of Dell EMC from her older sister, who was an engineer at the company. Each night her sister would come home and talk about the high-tech projects she was working on. (EMC, which merged with Dell in 2016, provides enterprise technology for data storage, cloud computing, and IT security, among other things.) Her excitement was contagious, and when it came time for Kristina to find a summer internship, she could see herself working at only one place.

Tell us about your internship and how that led to a career at Dell EMC.

I started as a hardware engineering intern, and going through that summer, I found a lot of mentors. I knew I wanted to come back again after my junior year—but this time I came back in a six-month co-op position. While I was in the co-op, I was taking software engineering courses on campus and really liked them. I told my manager, and he encouraged me to pursue software engineering projects in Dell EMC. After graduation, I decided I liked software engineering more and wanted to pursue a full-time job in that. My co-op manager connected me with a few hiring managers at Dell EMC, and I was able to land a full-time software engineering job here, despite interning in hardware.

What’s it like to work on cutting-edge technology?

It keeps me on my toes; it makes me excited to know that what I’m working on today is going to have a big impact on someone years down the line. Technology is always changing; the needs to change with it and continue to learn to keep me engaged.

How does the culture foster that sense of innovation?

Innovation is in the fiber of Dell EMC. We have quarterly meetings where we highlight ideas of employees from all around the world—it’s like a competition. The team with the most creative idea is rewarded. It’s in our culture to think big because that’s what builds the company and helps you evolve in your career. We also have hackathons; anyone can present an idea to improve internal tools and processes or change a Dell EMC product. If you like an idea that’s presented, you can join that hackathon team to bring the idea to life.

What do you think makes Dell EMC stand out as a great place to work?

The fact that the company is so big! That provides a lot of different opportunities. Again, I started in hardware engineering, and then realized I wanted to pursue software engineering. I didn’t have to find a different company to work for. I was able to talk with my managers and my mentors, share my interests, and secure a full-time position here.

What’s your advice for college students who want to pursue a career at Dell EMC?

Just go for it. This industry—and company—is very dynamic and always evolving. Being in the tech industry, there’s a high likelihood of working on something that will have an impact on the world. A lot of my friends want to have a job where they are making a difference and impacting future generations—with technology, we do that.


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