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Essity - Meet Steven

Steven Anderson, Graduate, Finance

Steven first heard about the concept of a rotational program from his college roommate. His friend had professional experience with a rotational program and told Steven how great it was to see different areas of the business. This motivated Steven to seek out a similar program, and he discovered Essity’s two-year Graduate (GO!) Program. He was excited to work in different areas of a global business.

What is the GO! Program?

It’s a two-year rotational program—I’m in finance, but programs are available in marketing, digital marketing, engineering, and IT. The program really provides you with the opportunity to learn different parts of the business and see where your skills fit best. Coming out of college, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I majored in economics, which provided me with a wide range of skills that would be useful in the corporate world—but I didn’t know which part of the corporate world. The GO! Program is a good way to get a taste for all different areas of a business. So far I’ve worked with financial control, business strategy, competitive intelligence, and product supply.

What experience at Essity are you the most proud of?

My favorite experience so far has been working in our facilities in Northern Arizona as an assistant unit controller. Coming from the corporate office in Philadelphia to the paper plant, I’ve gotten a much more holistic view of the business. Working in the plant, I have a much better understanding of Essity’s products and the whole process of what goes into making them.

How would you say the culture there really fosters collaboration?

There are always new projects here, and the company really encourages employees to get involved with anything that interests them. I’ve personally had the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from all over the world on several different projects, and no matter who I’m working with, from any part of the world, everyone is always willing to help you. The company also has mentoring programs and offers training on things like professional development. As a new grad, I have been provided by Essity with opportunities to grow and develop, and I’m extremely thankful for that.


Essity (formerly SCA) is a leading global hygiene and health company. In North America, Essity develops and produces the leading global brands Tork, TENA, and medical solutions brands such as JOBST.