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Ford - Meet Marcy

Marcy Klevorn, Executive Vice President, and President, Mobility

Marcy is a fourth generation Ford employee—her uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather all worked at the company. Growing up, Marcy remembers going to amusement parks with her father to observe how the shock absorbers worked on the roller coasters (her father co-invented the world’s first adjustable shock absorber). The curiosity her father instilled in her led to a career in technology at Ford, where she’s risen up through the company and is now an executive vice president and president, Mobility.

How has Ford supported your career growth?

The leaders I have worked with at Ford have always had a tremendous amount of confidence in me, believing that I could go on to the next job, the next role, the next move. That encouragement to take on new challenges helped to build my experience and my confidence. As we are building our careers, we don’t always have the confidence that we should. So for my leaders at Ford to have that confidence in me made a huge difference in my life. Of course, you have to earn that trust and confidence. You have to deliver and have the right work ethic. I’ll also add that throughout my career, the leaders I’ve worked for have afforded me the flexibility to balance my personal and professional life and supported me as I made career decisions to prioritize my family.

How does the culture at Ford foster innovation?

We’re encouraged to take risks and to view any outcome as a learning experience. It's in our DNA to try new things. One hundred fourteen years ago, Henry Ford changed the industry by democratizing access to a vehicle. I believe that kind of pioneering spirit will always be part of Ford.

What makes you proud to work at Ford?

For eight years in a row, we’ve been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Magazine—the longest streak for any auto manufacturer to have received that distinction—and I believe it comes down to trust. In my previous role as CIO, I saw this trust very clearly. If you think about the way the world moves today, and the way we all operate, we share a lot of data with companies via technology. Our customers trust us to respect that it’s their data and that they’ll get value in return.

How is Ford reshaping the industry through technology?

There are always new materials, new technologies, new types of vehicles, and new ways people use vehicles, personally and commercially. Just keeping up with that is very exciting. But there is disruption in the industry as well, and that presents emerging business and technology opportunities for Ford. As we pursue leadership positions in electrification, self-driving vehicles, and mobility services, we are focused on creating great solutions and services for consumers around the world.

What do you think sets Ford apart from competitors?

Our mission is to improve people’s lives. That drives everything we do, including how we marry our automotive businesses with new services, which are primarily technology and software services. We put the focus on our customers and that will allow us to change the way the world moves, just like we did 114 years ago.


Ford Motor Company is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan. The company designs, manufactures, markets, and services a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, electrified vehicles and Lincoln luxury vehicles; provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company; and is pursuing leadership positions in electrification, autonomous vehicles, and mobility solutions.

Our employees: At Ford, we empower our diverse and inclusive employees to make a real difference in our company and the communities where we serve.

Ways in: Ford offers a variety of career opportunities, from engineers to accountants, and software developers to digital marketing. You can join our team through a variety of ways: internships, recent college graduate programs, reentry programs and full-time employment.

What makes us unique: While Ford is a large company, we also are a family company, with many opportunities; no matter where your passion leads, you can truly make a difference at Ford, be challenged, stretch your talents, and contribute to a better world.